Solutions that work

Whether you're one person who wants to reach the world or a multi-national looking for new video commerce solutions to get closer to your audience, Wootag gives you the self-service platform to lift your interactive video experience to new heights.

Solutions that work

Driving marketing

When your video performs much more dynamically than an ordinary video clip you can use it to really boost your marketing – and save on your spending.

Highlight your latest product releases

Wootag is a content marketing platform that gives you the opportunity to promote more of your product lines, and to push your latest product releases and special offers far more effectively.
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Develop campaign ideas

Your marketing is much more hard-hitting when it's responsive to the current business climate, and your own changing marketing processes. Wootag enables you to be both agile and proactive.
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Lead generation

The engaging videos you create with Wootag become powerful tools for mining new business leads. And because your video appears across multiple locations, your reach is vastly increased, compared to leads generated from your website alone.

Get contact details easily

Make perfect use of interactive video marketing and let viewers give you their contact details from right inside your videos.
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Make sign-ups simple

Do away with unnecessary redirections to your sign up page and give them a direct way to register – so you can build your customer database even more quickly and efficiently.
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Powering Sales

All videos are sales opportunities for your brand. Convert yours into shoppable videos in minutes, and watch your sales soar. Build in functions for customers to 'add to cart' and 'buy now' right inside your interactive video.

Add to cart

As your viewer watches and interacts with your video, simple 'add to cart' functionality allows them to fill their shopping basket as they go.
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Get insight on your most popular products

Which product lines are getting the most views? How long are your customers spending looking at them? Easily find this data in your video analytics.
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