By harnessing the power of human curiosity, Wootag connects the dots between viewers and brands. With limitless ways to interact within video, our revolutionary platform enhances viewer experience and smashes barriers to products and services. Empowering customers and enabling businesses to engage with their audience like never before.

About wootag


Necessity is the mother of invention. And in this case, the simple desire for a stylish pair of sunglasses inspired a ‘lightbulb moment’.

Back in 2015, company Founder and CEO Raj Sunder was watching a movie online and liked the look of a character’s sunglasses. A fruitless online search for the glasses followed. Then another. And another. Leaving Raj wondering how much easier it would be if he could simply ‘click’ on the sunglasses the actor was wearing to find out what brand they were, and how he could get them.

That thought was the moment Wootag began.

Progress Timeline

  • Wootag incorporated in Singapore
  • Launch of Wootag platform 1st version
  • Initial product market fit in Singapore, Philippines and Australia
  • 100+ Wootagged brand videos 1 million Wootagged viewers
  • Launch of Wootagged in-stream ad units and ad serving
  • 5k+ Wootagged brand videos
  • 5 million Wootagged viewers
  • Launch of Wootag + Facebook native ads, Wootag outstream ad units along with web and app responsive embeds
  • 10k+ Wootagged brand videos
  • 50 million+ Wootagged viewers across 7 countries


Wootag people are passionate experts who always want to learn - so we stay at the cutting-edge of tech. Committed to our customers’ success, we constantly challenge ourselves to do more. This ensures we keep building our team of rock stars – and turn our customers into stars too!

Does this sound like you? Then why not join us?

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