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Level up your audience engagement with intent driven interactive live streams

Platform for engagements and outcomes!

Maximize your objectives with our tailored-made platform that truly understands the needs of LIVE sessions!

Streamer Experience

Experience that truly understands the needs for Streamers and audience comfort zone!

Interactive Streams

Build Interactions that drive audience attention and potential outcomes!

Audience Intent & Insights

Go beyond tracking the number of audiences and learn more about their attention span, intent and asks!

Platform for Sales, Marketing,
and Training teams

Unlock Engagement and Outcomes designed specific for Sellers, Marketeers and Training teams


Tap into the needs of LIVE Sales, and Onboarding sessions with framework pairing outcomes and intent


Tap into the needs of LIVE Marketing webinars, ABM workshops and more with framework driving leads and intent


Tap into the needs of LIVE Training internal or external sessions, and courses with frameworks driving participation and outcomes


Unlock audience outcomes with cnfigurable intereaction within LIVE sessions!


Unlock audience engagement with configurable Lead frameworks, Surveys , WhitePaper access and more within Webinars and ABM Live Sessions!


Unlock audience participation with Interactiive questions, Polls and outcomes frameworks

Drive Intent with Attention and Interactions!

Highlight specific services or products that are unique to your business here. It can be your flagship product, or a service that you've pioneered. Give it room to shine here.

Drive Intent with Attention & Interactions

Client Testimonials

Listen to how our customers feel about the path-breaking Live Platform designed for B2B Sellers, Marketeers and Training professionals!

The platform is intelligent enough to gauge interest levels during
the stream and identify who your interested parties are.
I find the platform useful and strongly advocate using it in any organization!

- Carly Ferris

As a marketer, I find the platform incredibly useful for creating
instant streams and encouraging audience interaction and engagement, all within their comfort zone, without requiring them to turn on their cameras.

- Imani Olowe

As a trainer, it's my responsibility to educate both internal and external teams on our products and processes.
I've discovered that Wootag Live is more than just a platform for hosting sessions; it's designed to deliver tangible outcomes.

- Neil Tran


See how Wootag Live can transform your live session outcomes!